Help residents age with strength and dignity

We believe mental, physical and emotional health is essential to a quality of life everyone deserves. For low-income seniors and people with disabilities, resources to live well are harder to obtain. We are changing that for our residents by investing in community health and wellness programs that enable residents to live with strength and dignity as they age.

Help provide our residents the resources and support they need to live well by making a gift to the Better Living Fund.

Creating communities where health and living meet

Over the next two years, we’re furthering our impact on resident health and well-being by introducing wellness training to our community team members, revitalizing common community spaces and expanding programs to more residents.


We are working hard to introduce more programs and secure the annual funding required for all residents to benefit from them. From fitness to creative courses, it is our hope that we can continue to connect residents with fun, healthy activities.


We are taking big steps in upgrading our properties to include healthier, safer and more accessible living spaces for seniors and people with disabilities, along with rooms to house new equipment such as Sci-fit machines, treadmills and personal use exercise items.


Onsite community staff, led by onsite social service coordinators, will be trained on the latest and most effective interventions that improve residents’ mental, physical and emotional health. This includes trauma-informed care and conflict resolution among other training.

Inclusive Program Funding

Though we are able to provide programs to everyone, there’s still room for improvement to make sure our breadth of programming addresses all our residents’ unique interests and abilities.

Intentional Training

Our social service coordinators will participate in training on topics such as Trauma-Informed Care, conflict resolution, meditation, and supporting end-of-life transitions.

Exercise Equipment

A variety of ability-friendly exercise equipment will be purchased to fill resident community spaces so they have the opportunity to promote health on their own time.

Physical Therapy Assessments

As part of our health initiatives, we want to offer residents physical and occupational therapy assessments and training through community partners.

Diverse Programming

Expanded programming opportunities for residents will allow us to meet them where they are, providing courses and activities for all interests and abilities that encourage socialization.

Mental Health Support

We will make sure our residents have access to external mental health resources so that they feel cared for on an emotional level in addition to the benefits of exercise.

Resident Stories

We have the honor of improving the lives of our residents every day through wellness programming, social services and compassion. Here are some stories of how our residents have been changed.


Laurie is a resident at Castle Towers who has taken full advantage of the community’s walking program, walking over 400,000 in the first half of 2022 alone. Learn more about her wellness journey.


Lilly is a resident at Peace Memorial Manor who is a people person committed to getting involved in any and all programming, along with starting programs for fellow residents herself. Learn more about how she’s investing in her community.


Terry is a resident at Castle Towers who came to Embrace Living after years of living unhoused. Now, he has the support he needs to continue his health journey and invest in his neighbors through meaningful acts of service. Learn more about his work.

Mary Grace

Mary Grace is an active member of the Peace Memorial Manor community, who makes a point of taking advantage of local health amenities. Learn more about how her social services coordinator has helped connect her with meaningful wellness programming and opportunities.

Keeping Up the Momentum

We’ve already invested in capital improvements to many of our communities to construct new and improved common spaces and renovate existing apartments for residents. This will allow us more room to facilitate wellness programming along with a space to install exercise equipment for residents to use to stay healthy.

Answering our call to support residents in need

Many residents arrive in our communities from situations where they have had to make tough financial choices that compromise their health, such as paying rent or eating a decent meal. We have always tried to make health and wellness a manageable choice for every resident through available education and programs.

Residents’ health is tracked by our social service coordinators regularly, and they’ve observed that the health and wellness resources residents receive are greatly impacting their well-being. Common chronic health conditions among our senior residents are less prevalent when compared to generational peers (people 65 and older).

Hypertension 40% 58%
Diabetes 18% 27%
Arthritis 30% 31%
High Cholesterol 19% 47%
Heart Disease 13% 29%

Ways to Give

Individual Gifts

Make a one-time or recurring donation to the Better Living Fund and invest in the wellness of all our residents.

Gift Amount Impact of Gift

Covers the funding to provide yearly health and wellness programming to residents in a community.


Funds new exercise equipment for a community, including treadmills and Sci-fit machines.


Funds one year of supportive services for 25 residents at a community.


Funds a Professional Service Coordinator Program scholarship for one social service coordinator.


Funds technology equipment to facilitate virtual wellness programming at a community


Funds personal-use exercise items for a community


Funds one year of supportive services for a resident not funded through 202 PRAC Supportive Services Contract


Funds training course for one social service coordinator in the following areas:

  • Trauma Informed Care Training
  • Motivational Interviewing
  • Certification: Conflict Resolution / Mediation

Naming Opportunities

Donors interested in naming an amenity at one of our communities should contact Alina Serban at to learn more. These amenities include community libraries, community rooms, patios, dining rooms and exercise rooms among other choices.

Estate Planning

Estate gifts can help our future impact, enabling affordable housing sustainability and more opportunities for vulnerable seniors and people with disabilities to live well as they age. You can gift securities, life insurance or real estate. Direct contributions can be made from your donor-advised fund as well.

Corporate Donations

Donations from corporate foundations can make a significant impact on the long-term success of our communities, allowing us to accommodate specific requests related to a gift and help to create the largest impact possible.


Support doesn’t just have to be monetary. There are many opportunities for giving your time and skills to pour into residents through facilitating programs that support them.

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